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  1. Getting Started


    Welcome to Learnhive!

    Come along with me to explore the Learnhive learning system.

  2. Main Menu

    The key features are listed here right in the home screen. You can access the features by clicking on any of the icons above.

    Let us first look at how to navigate around different screens of this app!

  3. Home Icon

    Click on this icon to go to the home screen.

  4. Back Icon

    Click on this icon to go to the previous screen.

  5. Exercises

    By clicking on the above icon you can access questions related to various subjects, chapters, and topics.

    Click on the Exercise icon above just or click on Next button below.

  6. Exercises Pages

    This page lists all the exercises available for your account.

    Selecting an exercise is easy. Choose a subject and then a chapter to filter the list of exercises.

  7. Subject Selection

    Here is the list of subjects that are available for your account.

  8. Grade/Class Selection

    Your current class/grade is shown here. By selecting a different class/grade you can access content from one grade higher or lower.

  9. Chapter Selection

    A list of chapters for the selected subject and grade is shown here.

  10. Exercise Selection

    Each icon like this represents an exercise. Go ahead, end this tour and click the exercise icon to launch the exercise.